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What is Fusion Football?

Fusion Football is a safer approach to the great game of Football meant to preserve the tradition and spirit of the sport.  Designed as a bridge between flag and youth contact football, players learn the true basics of football while continuing to wear traditional football equipment.  Fusion includes a harness holding two foam bars across their lower back meant to be used in lieu of a flag and designed to emphasize proper tackling technique while wrapping the ball carrier and ripping the bar from the harness.  Fusion is designed to facilitate safer contact and sound fundamentals while maintaining the speed and discipline of the game.

Introduced in Minnesota in 2016 and endorsed by the Minnesota Vikings, many youth leagues throughout the country have adopted this program as a great training tool and alternative to youth contact football while still teaching the true fundamentals of the game that flag football simply doesn't.  

Andover is proud to introduce this innovative experience.  Our in-town developmental league will focus on teamwork, endurance, and foster the spirit of competition.  With a focus on fun and safety, our developmental program is designed to take any child with little to no football experience and teach them the fundamentals of the game while emphasizing exercise and conditioning.

What to Expect:  Like similar sports, our new innovative developmental league will focus on simple basics such as conditioning, agility, proper blocking and tackling technique, how to play all positions, and actual basic football plays.  During the first five weeks, there will be some low level contact similar to introductory hockey but significantly less then typical youth football and unlike flag football, players will have normal protective gear to avoid injury.  The emphasis will be providing an authentic football experience while learning the proper fundamentals in a fun and safe atmosphere.

By week 5, players should be advanced enough to begin playing games between each other and will be divided up equally by grade.  Each child WILL enjoy the opportunity to play every position for their designated team with games being played with referees, at Andover High School or Doherty Middle School field. These games will be full tackle with one coach on the field to assist the referees.


Andover is proud to be a leader in youth sports.  With its introduction, Fusion football will teach the true fundamentals of actual football while stressing fun and safety.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to Ken Aulbach, Andover Youth Football League President at .